6 Hidden Spots in Paris You’ll Wish You’d Found Sooner

Paris is full of endearment and charm waiting to be discovered by people such as you and me. As a traveler, not just a tourist, one of my intentions when exploring a city is to find the treasures off the beaten path and to become familiar with the city and its secrets, not just its highlights. Anyone in the world could recognize Paris for its iconic monuments, but let’s dig a little deeper. Here are some notable hidden nooks within the city of light.

1. Square Edouard VII

Although just steps away from the crowded Opera Garnier in the 9th arrondissement, Square Edouard VII is a secluded recess from the commotion. It houses the Théâtre Edouard VII, restaurants, and offices. In the middle is a statue of the British King himself, for which the square was originally built. It is a fully pedestrian setting unaccompanied by cars and full of appeal.

2. Hotel de Sens

Although you may recognize Hotel de Sens, or perhaps have walked past it, you may not be aware of its delightful garden. Tucked away behind the building and the street, popping into this little garden is a peaceful breath of fresh air at the southern edge of Le Marais.

3. Passage Dauphine

Passage Dauphine is a discreet and modest passage that isn’t normally sought out. For this reason, it feels like your own concealed piece of Paris. There is a quaint tea shop here for you to stop and enjoy the tranquility before heading back to the bustling streets of the 6th arrondissement.

4. Petit Palais Courtyard

Although the Petit Palais is a popular place for tourists, the courtyard is tucked away and waiting to be discovered. Grab an affordable lunch in its cafe and step outside to enjoy a picnic-like atmosphere with a great view. P.S. The entry to Petit Palais is free!

5. Rue de Varenne

Rue de Varenne is a gorgeous street with unique architecture. You’ll feel like the Parisian elite as you walk past high-end residences and government offices. It’s a fantastic spot for iconic Paris street photographs, and you’ll find some incredible doors.

6. Le Village Royal

Reflecting its’ name, Le Village Royal is more of a passage with a village atmosphere, right in the heart of the city. Although remodeled, the shoppes are old Parisian style and reflect the historical legacy of the area. It is a flourishing and picturesque market and shopping spot that most tourists miss entirely.

What are your favorite hidden spots in Paris? One thing I love about this city is that there’s an endless amount of treasures like these, waiting to be unraveled each time I visit. Paris is the city I’ll keep coming back to for places just like this. On your next trip to Paris, I hope you seek out, or find by happenstance, some secret nooks of your own. Happy traveling and bon weekend!

Content contributor and photo credit: Phyllis Cartwright

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